How To Grow Your Business With Lead Magnets For Your Email Subscribers

Imagine this…

You started a company a few years back that sells sustainable cricket flour directly to consumers online.

It’s the perfect product for combatting the ill-effects of extensive farming on the planet and has a distinctive nutty flavor that (believe it or not!) is actually delicious.

And though the initial public response to your eco-friendly product was great, your growth has pancaked in the last one year.

The bounce rate on your website is high.

The visitor-to-buyer conversion rate is low.

And your advertising revenues to reach new customers are cutting into your profits severely.

What do you do now to grow your business?

How do you increase your profits, reach new people, and turn your existing buyers into loyal sustainable-protein fans who sing praises of your brand to their friends and neighbors? Or better yet, treat them to some yummy cookies baked with your cricket flour?

You use lead magnets and build your email list.

How To Grow Your Business With Lead Magnets

Facebook can change it’s community rules and advertising prices at any time.

So can all the other platforms where you put the word out about your business.

That’s why you need to build your email list.

It’s the perfect tool to grow your customer base and turn one-time buyers into repeat customers. All at minimal to zero cost!

But why would people choose to give you their email when they are just casual visitors intrigued by your product or are customers who already have inboxes that are flooded with promotional mails?

They would if you offer them a gift they cannot refuse.

A.k.a a lead magnet.

Like, a free recipe book that helps them turn their bag of cricket flour into delicious breakfast and lunch options.

The book might even have a few recipes contributed by award-winning chefs who have tried your flour and found the flavor interesting. (A testimonial in disguise!) Thus, priming up your subscribers to buy their first bag of cricket flour at a 15% discount, as mentioned in an ad within the pages of that cookbook.

But what if your company does not sell cricket flour?

What if it sells makeup?

Well, you could offer them a short email course (with YouTube tutorials) that teaches them how to nail the everyday look in under 15 minutes, apply fake lashes, and hack their eyeshadow palette so they are not stuck using just 2 colors in a palette of 30!

In this case, a simple email course like this would prime up the subscribers to buy the makeup products mentioned in the tutorials. Thus, driving up sales and your influence in the beauty industry!

And the best part is, this tactic works for pretty much every niche under the sun.

Including yours.

Take Your Business To The Next Level With A Smashing Lead Magnet!

Lead magnets give your visitors a reason to sign up for your newsletter.

But they don’t do just that.

  • They also build your authority in the industry.

  • Turn casual subscribers into loyal customers.

  • And give you a floating cloud of people who are much more likely to buy new products and grab special offers than the average new face.

Want to introduce this to your business model?

I can create a lead magnet for you that is perfect for your target audience and your growth goals.

But let’s not talk in abstractions anymore!

Let’s discuss the meat of your business and ideate up a storm.

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