Here are some of my best work samples spread around the internet.

You will also find stats, secrets, and other interesting backstories thrown into the mix that reveal why these pieces worked so well.

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1. Lifestyle Niche

Top 25 Hairstyles That Are Trending Like Crazy Right Now

This piece, published in TheTalko, hit 496,905 page views in just 30 days.

The secret behind the success? A catchy headline, some well-placed keywords, and a conversational style. Check it out here. 

The Person You Are Most Compatible With, Based On Your Moon Sign

You know sun signs. But what are moon signs?

Turns out the readers of YourTango were curious too. Especially since this article was talking about their favorite guilty pleasure – trying to convince the stars that he really was their one, true love!

Lo and behold, it was shared 300 times (but that number might be more now). Check it out here.

20 Men Reveal The Exact Moment They Fell Out Of Love With Her (According To Reddit)

This article pulled on the heartstrings of the readers of TheTalko in three ways.

First, it told them their boyfriends could fall out of love with them in one horrible instant. Second, it invited them to find out what they shouldn’t do if they want to prevent that from happening. And third, by quoting straight from the archives of Reddit, it reminded them these were real-life stories that had happened to real couples around the world.

This jumble of fear and anticipation is the reason why this post raked up 217,324 page views in just 30 days. Check it out here.


2. Life Lessons & Creativity Hacks Niche

How to Get Out of Depression and the Lessons I Learnt on This Dark Journey

This piece, written for Thrive Global, connected so strongly with the audience that over the past 6 months since it was published it—

  • Has secured a spot on Page 1 of Google for the high-search-volume keyword “how to get out of depression”.
  • Has brought in 2.8K page views every week, and continues to do so.
  • Has a total of 2,177 claps (likes) from 245 readers.
  • Has 13 personal-life stories in the comments sections from readers who have battled or are battling depression.

You can check it out here.

Why Perfection is Not Real

A well-shared article for Thrive Global with 95 claps (likes). Check it out here.


3. Spirituality & Occult Wisdom Niche

13 Unconventional Ways of Reading Tarot Card Reversals

This popular article published on the Little Red Tarot invited 21 comments, one of which was from a big shot in the Tarot niche, and linked to a free ebook on reversed Tarot cards that led to 100+ new newsletter subscribers.

Check it out here.


4. Novel Writing Niche

How To Create Authentic And Powerful Fictional Characters

Written for The Writing Cooperative, a publication on Medium, this article is an infographic-rich piece that explores human psychology as a tool for authors to create fictional characters.

It was the introductory article of the archetypes series and racked up over 220 claps (likes). Check it out here.