I specialize in writing content that builds your authority and generates leads for your business.

Here’s what I can do for you.


1. Blog Writing

I can write carefully-crafted pieces that hit the right nerve with your target audience and persuade them to take the right action.

These keyword-optimized articles also help you build credibility in your niche.


2. Content Rewriting

Have a ton of stale content on your website that gets zero traffic and engagement?

If the information in them is sound, you don’t have to hit the delete button anymore.

Just send them to me and I will rewrite them with my mad copywriting skills so they do what they were always meant to do. Get you sales.

*All rewritten pieces are optimized with high-ranking keywords.


3. Ebook Writing

Give your website visitors a juicy reason to sign up for your newsletters.

I can write short ebooks that will help you collect emails of only those people who matter, and then turn them into customers with the help of carefully-crafted offers mentioned in the pages.


4. Newsletter Writing

Tired of bad email open and click-through rates?

I can turn that around by breathing magic into your newsletter subject lines and body copy.


5. Email Course Writing

Email courses, like ebooks, are awesome lead magnets for your business.

The only difference is, short email courses prime up your subscribers to buy a product or service at the end of it.

Wondering if you can use this business model to boost your sales? Get in touch with me.


6. Content Strategy

Don’t shoot in the dark and hope it hits the bull’s eye!

Let me create a content strategy for you that is in-line with your business goals and helps you achieve them one milestone at a time.


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